Know how of Social Book marking Sites

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With the popularity in internet, social book marking has become a rage these days. Social book marking has become an alluring and crucial substitute to the already existing search engine model. Social book marking is nothing but a collaborative location wherein the users from various countries can tag, bookmark as well as set URL’s that have worthy content.

It refers to how people share, manage, search as well as explore bookmarks of web resources. Never compare social book marking with file sharing as both are different. This is due to the fact that in social book marking , the resources are not shared, only book marks are shared. In contrast to search engine algorithm, social media book marking is done manually and it gives a different spin.
Social book marking websites are typically a solid edited system that will be followed for years to come by as it offers interesting insights in the various outlook that exist there. There are several book marking sites on web like LQ Bookmarks, digg, feedmarker, frassle, jumptags etc. These web sites are becoming popular as they allow the user with online saving of tags or categories by keywords as compared to saving your URL in favorites list of the browser.
Social bookmarking has grown by leaps and bounds in today’s era. It has expanded its wings by adding ratings and comments on bookmarks, emailing of book marks, ability to import and export book marks from browsers, web annotation etc.
With the help of social bookmarking sites, you can submit news and articles and share them with public at large. However, one must know not to submit several articles from the same site per day. In most of the sites, each new bookmark will rank at the top of first page in the category. In case you submit too many URL’s from the same site, people will start to notice it and report you to moderator. The moderator, in turn, will delete all your book marks and suspend your account forever. In case, you open a new account and repeat the task again, the moderator will ban your IP address so that you no longer have access to the site from same computer again. Submit only few pages and wait for 2-3 hours before submitting next story.
Although it is very hard to predict the appropriate content that has the highest performance rate on social book marking sites due to varying interests of users from time to time. In general, newsworthy articles, podcasts as well as images will bring a lot of votes from the users. Not only this, the title and description of the content must be catchy to lure in the interest of users. You can figure out list of tips, books, movies etc to get the attention.
To grab the attention of customers, it is best to try your hands on offbeat, unusual or controversial content. You can also write content on current news trends like celebrity, sports, etc. This way, people will wish to comment on controversial content, thus bringing a lot of traffic to the article page on the site.