Stalking on Facebook

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Having being stalked on Facebook isn’t a nice experience. If you are thinking how many people have been stalked on Facebook, then you are thinking right. While thinking about such experience, the first thing that comes to mind is that a man is following a woman with the intent of doing some physical abuse.

However, the fact is that stalking actually takes varied forms. In fact, something that happens more frequently which you might also expect is that someone may begin to stalk you on Facebook anytime. This may happen because we share photographs as well as immense amount of our lives in written format on social networking sites like Facebook or even through placing blog posts. Sometimes this may become a simple social thing to do while at other times, such kind of social posting becomes a part of your business networking and marketing of your business interests.

You don’t tend to get stalked by complete strangers whether you are being stalked in person or on social networking site like Facebook. There exists a tie of some description and it may be loose though it. Thus you may become surprised while positioning yourself in such a category and get stalked. However, if you happen to be or have been the subject of Facebook stalking , thus when you look behind, you will eventually realize that it is very easy for the stalker to go about their sleuth work while you are intent upon and get distracted by your business goals.

When your major goal is networking or viral marketing, then you aren’t keen on taking down friend requests. In case, you are using Facebook or your blog for personal reasons, then you will have to accept real friend requests from people whom you know in person or reveal your blog to only close friends. Some of the faceless requests by people may turn into a jealous obsession on their part which you may not be aware of.

Although you may have taken your Facebook profile to only business purpose but with time, you may also start considering that there isn’t any harm in getting some friends onto it. You will eventually come across several friends who may also turn into good people trying to assist you in business.

Thus, it is easy to stalk but not at all times. It doesn’t take very long to know who is accessing those pages on Facebook or is considering to stalk you. For avoiding being in such mishap, it is best to take precautions. Always make sure that there are recent photos to be seen. Also check  that there represents a fair number of friends, for how much time they have been on Facebook and which kind of activity they are into while being on Facebook.