Submission to Social Media Sites

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Social bookmarking includes submitting URL of your article to a social media site. In turn, the visitor will get to know about your company.     Social bookmarking proves a great and effective way of promotion of your products and services as you can reach worldwide audience. Switching to traditional media advertising will not prove beneficial as it doesn’t offer much exposure as social media site offers. Moreover, traditional media advertising will prove more expensive and isn’t much suitable for small business.

There are some social media sites like Digg that allow you to create a wide network of friends. Try to be friends with people who display similar interests. It will be completely useless if you befriend people having varied interests. For example, if you are a skin specialist, then you can befriend people engaged in skin care and skin beauty. But avoid befriending with too many people per day. If you doesn’t follow this simple tool, you may be banned by the moderator. The moderator will think that you are befriending people solely for the sake of promoting your products and services. After having befriended some friends, wait to get approval from them. After building a large network of friends, you must commence promoting your products through posting relevant links.

For getting to the front page, the article must contain a lot of votes. You can even ask your friends to vote for your article. In turn, you will vote for their articles. In case, you have lot of votes as well as rank on the first page. If you lack good friends, then write interesting title as well description to encourage people to vote for you. You can even refer the posts which rank in the front page.

Several search engine optimization companies provide social bookmarking submission services. In case, you are fed up of submitting to social bookmarking sites, you can even hire an SEO company for performing the social bookmarking submission for you. After completing the submission process, the company will provide you with detailed reports which contain links to your bookmarks at social bookmarking sites. Outsourcing the social bookmarking job will offer you with plenty of free time which can be utilized for performing other important things in life.

Before hiring an SEO company, you must go through the customer reviews. If you do not find any customer review, then go to the forum and ask for the same. You are certainly to come across someone who had earlier used the directory submission service from that particular SEO company. If several customers provide positive reviews, then you must go ahead as well as sign up for the SEO company. In case, you have lot of websites for social bookmarking, then you must discuss with the SEO company as well try obtaining discounts from them. Normally, majority of the search engine optimization companies will offer discount for bulk orders as they don’t wish to lose on their customers.

In short, submission to social media sites, is a key tool for promoting your website on the internet.