Tips for writing Press Release

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By writing a press release about your business, you offer a bagful of information related to new trends in the products or services you are offering. There are varios tips to writing press release.

The first step towards writing a successful press release is the content. The content must always target the potential audience. Keep in mind that part of your audience will be either editor or journalist. It is very crucial to impress these individuals through a well-written press release as they are the one who will publish the press release by offering another arm of exposure. The content of press release must be accurate, easily readable as well as to the point. You need not write a novel like press-release. The press release must be such so as to entice the reader or reporter to contact you for further information. Well written shorter press releases receive more exposure. Not only trade publications but magazines and websites look for short press releases. Always take out some time to edit your press release very carefully.

Secondly, never embellish or exaggerate the press release. If written with embellishments, you will quickly lose credibility. Always remember that this loss of credibility will carry over to future press releases. Journalists will always remember the bad taste in their mouth which you have left. Moreover, if you are providing facts and figures to your story, ten make sure to write the sources from which they have been taken.

Thirdly, you need to keep in mind that your press release has been well read, edited as well as re-read before submitting. This will help you to catch up any kind of grammatical errors. Keep in mind to print the press release as reading a paper copy will help catching more errors. If everything is well, then it is the right time for submitting the press release.

Fourthly, you must distribute your press release only once or twice the month. However, in case you don’t have any news that is worth mentioning, then the golden rule of thumb is to submit the press release once a month. If you have a new service, a new widget or hiring a new employee is what you wish to tell to the public, then press release is the right tool.

Fifthly, including an image within your press release will definitely help increasing the readability of your release. Images are worth more than words. They say a lot and that’s why magazines and newspapers include images for grabbing the attention of readers. It is a well-fed method of branding.

Sixthly, language and wording of your press release plays a crucial role. You must always avoid unnecessary flowery language or redundant expressions. Moreover, always try to avoid unnecessary usage of adjectives. Your sole goal must be to communicate your news in ordinary and clear language. Use of excess information may confuse your reader and even make the journalist to exclude your story.

Thus, it is the need of the hour to keep the press release basic and to the point