Top Social Bookmarking Sites for getting traffic

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Social bookmarking dates back to 1996 when itList was launched. Since then, scores of bookmarking sites have propped up and you can find these sites in almost any niche market. Social bookmarking represents an online place for storing your bookmarks which can be tagged, summarized as well as submitted to various bookmarking sites. There are several online bookmarking sites that are public which means when you post your bookmark, anyone who searches for the tags which have been used while creating the bookmark can find it easily.

This is why social bookmarking represents an excellent tool for internet marketing, website promotion, blog marketing etc. While utilizing social bookmarks in selection of targeted niche categories, you can bring quality as well as high amount of traffic to your blog, article, website or any online page that is being promoted by you. Since social bookmarking is free of cost, you can receive scores of highly targeted traffic in a very short time and thus, utilize these websites to full potential.

One of the social bookmarking sites is Digg which is the largest of bookmarking sites. You can get thousands of visitors as well as votes from this website if you pose high quality content. A good technique to maximize the potential of Digg is by acquiring as many friends as possible. You can also add other members of the website and they will gain a chance to befriend you as well as becoming a mutual friend. In Digg, you can shout out your bookmark to each of your friends as well as mutual friends in total which will give you instant votes for your bookmark. The more number of votes you receive, the more popular your submission becomes and thus, you will move up the ranks and hit the high traffic areas of the website like upcoming hot news, most popular stories etc.

Another crucial social bookmarking site is Reddit where you have to sign up with usual username and password for being allowed to submit and share bookmarks. Moreoften, users are asked to give in the votes in specific stories as well as links which they deem worthy of placing in the most prominent spot.

Then there is Furl which is found awesome by several users as it allows its visitors to bag copies of any web resource. One can even search as well as exhaust his personal collection and share whatever one thinks is worthy of sharing. Due to such beneficial features of Furl, several people have used it to sort out their own shopping lists, property directories, student papers as well as many more.

Meanwhile, another social bookmarking site which has gained momentum recently is Clipmarks which lets people clip their favorite portions of web pages like an image, video, a sentence, and all what one has.

For serious content, try Stumbleupon and you will be amazed at how the site can rival the best search engines which dominate the virtual world. Stumbleupon offers information is of high quality.

One of the advantages of involving in Social bookmarking sites is that it provides back-links as well as determines the position which you rank in search results.