Top ten reputation management tips

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Whether you own a small or big business or any type of business, you will need reputation management help at some point of time or another. It is very rare for each business for making everyone happy as well as getting unflattering internet posting about your business.

If you obtain a bad business review or any type of negative mention about your business name online may cause harm to your business or even loss in sales, revenue as well as consumer trust. Most of the internet users will turn to highly visible internet sites like filing a complaint against you. These kind of online complaints rank very high on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. When people search your company name on these search engines, then such online complaints are bound to come over the internet. This is the right time when some aggressive online reputation management is required.

There are certain tips that help in controlling the kind of information that shows up in top results of search engines.

Firstly, register your business on the website with extension .org, .com or .net. Secondly, you need to install a blog, micro-site, information portal on such kind of new domains having unique content. Thirdly, you need to create business social profiles on popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Econnect etc. Fourthly, you must link these social sites to your new websites that is one link per social site. Fifthly, always remember to get back links to the new domains as well as social sites which you created. Back links occur when you find a website with authority to link to yours. Never use such sites that are basically link farms or even link directories. Moreover, always try to find bloggers and websites which do not openly advertise that they are into selling links. Sixthly, you need to find bloggers which will write about your company in a positive manner.  There exist thousands of blogs which will write about your company or even publish an article about your company either for free or for a very small fee. You need to link to your websites as well as social sites from within such blog posts. Seventhly, you need to join forums that exist within your industry and at the same time become active on these forums. For this, you can use your company name as the username or even use signature of all your posts. Eighthly, write articles related to your business as well as press releases. Always submit such articles to trusted article as well as press release directories. Next, you must try to get some links back to other pages related to your business. Ninthly, build free blog accounts on free blog providers and start posting original content. Tenthly, always keep updating as well as adding content to all social networks Remain active online and be patient.

Several thousands of places require creating unique content to show up on Google’s search results page and the above mentioned tips are some of the popular methods that can be used for both businesses and individuals.