Getting traffic for your blog from Technorati

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Having your own blog will naturally draw huge amount of traffic. In case you wish to make income from your blog, then you need to have serious traffic flow. For getting hundreds and thousand hits a day on your blog, you need to submit your blog to Technorati.

Technorati is a search engine like Google that encompasses blog content. In the current scenario, Technorati follows more than 120 million blogs worldwide. If you are a serious blogger, then you must list your blog with technorati. Technorati will not only offer your blog with traffic but also provide you with highly marketable authority. This authority allows you to more or less rent your blog on a timely basis. The higher your technorati rank, the more you can charge.
For adding your blog to technorati, you need to follow certain steps.
1. Go to technorati.com and click on sign up. The process is very simple.
2. After creating your account, you need to log in to your email account which you used to register and confirm your account.
3. Log back into technorati and click on ‘Blogger Central’ and then ‘claim your blog’.
4. Now click on ‘Claim a new blog’ and enter your blog URL.
5. After your blog is claimed, your blog will officially be listed in technorati’s huge index.
But just by having your blog listed in technorati is not a sure shot way of grabbing rank and traffic. You must have lot of indexed pages for getting noticed at technorati.
Technorati assigns tags to every blog post. Technorati owns a special language code for tagging posts. In case, you are working on WordPress, there are several plug-ins available for creating technorati tags. But you must not display the tags right on your website as it provides the readers a chance to become distracted and stay away from your site. The content of technorati comes from RSS feed. You must try your hand on Auto-Meta for quality WordPress plug-in.
In addition to tags that you add to your posts, Technorati will use the categories you post were associated with as tags.
After you have posted comments on a blog, you need to alert Technorati about this. In order to do this, you must ping Technorati or use Ping-O-Matic service that automatically does the work for you.
By posting comments on other people’s blogs, you can get yourself known. For this, you must find proper blogs for posting your comments. The area in which you have expert knowledge needs to be taken care of for writing blog. You can add your website address to preferred RSS reader so that you are alerted whenever a new blog posting occurs. This way, you can immediately go to that blog and post your comment.
Technorati includes an interesting feature which is called WTF where bloggers come together about explaining which topis are hot right now. Write a good comment on a WTF topic that needs no explanation as well as it links to your blog.
These ways help in boosting your blog ranking on google search results.