Twitter tips for beginners

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Wherever you go, you will find twitter everywhere. Twitter, a social networking site has taken the virtual world with a cyclone. In case, you have not jumped into this bandwagon, you still have the time to jump in.

The first step is to create a twitter account. Always be creative with your biography and make sure that you include your website link. This can be a blog as well as a splash or squeeze page.
The second step is to create a professional looking background. You must always try free tools like twitbacks.com, mytweetspace.com and hundreds like this.
The third step towards using twitter is to shorten the URL’s of the links which you wish to share with other members. This is because some of the web pages have long URL’s which will keep you wondering how to squeeze the URL’s on a micro-blogging system that allows only 140 characters. There are several free tools available on internet for shortening the URL’s so that you can tweet it within the limited characters that are allowed. Some of the free tools are bit.ly, is.gd, tiny.cc etc.
If you wish to reply or comment on someone else tweet, then you need to send a message to that person publicly and do not mind others knowing what you write for him. Always remember to put @ in front of the person’s twitter name.
You can always manage your twitter account automatically. Just go on tweetlater.com and set up a free account. This will allow you to automate your messages as well as create settings for un-following those who are not interested in following you. Moreover, you can eventually schedule tweets throughout the day.
You can purchase twitter friend adder if you wish to automatically add twitter friends as well as build a following list.
Always find like-minded individuals to follow. You need to make sure that your tweets are full of useful content. Never spam your link or opportunity. Twitter success depends on your willingness and ability to share content and information with your network. You can share anything that is interesting, educational, funny and newsworthy. You need to add fresh content as tweets for maintaining the level of interest in members who read your posts. If you are using twitter for alluring new customers and drive traffic to a web site, then you must add value to every tweet for giving your account a good presence.
Always re-syndicate your content. You can have your own videos, blogs, articles and other stuff created by people.  Another thing to remember is that just by adding friends is not worth it. You need to interact with them. Send them direct messages or reply to their messages.
There are sometimes where you find retweets. They are nothing but certain tweets by other users that are worth sharing. You can retweet the original tweets and give credit back to the original user. For this, you just need to put RT before you post it yourself.

These are some tips for having aggressive twitter marketing. Remember them and follow them.