What is Viral Marketing

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These days, there are several customers who show increasing resistance to traditional forms of marketing like TV or newspaper ads. Keeping this technique in mind, a new area of marketing has been launched. It is known as Viral Marketing. This kind of technique makes use of already prevailing social networks for producing and boosting brand awareness as well as achieving other marketing objectives. It refers to self-replicating viral processes that spread similar to pathological and computer virus. In short, it is word of mouth marketing technique on the web.
These days, one of the most popular buzzwords in internet marketing circles is viral marketing. However, the same technique is one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized marketing technique that exists on web.
One of the classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail.com. It is one of the first free web based e-mail services. Emails which are sent using this service contain an advertisement for Hotmail at the bottom of the message.
The correct execution of viral marketing technique will attract thousands of visitors to the website. Since most of the viral marketing techniques are available free of cost, so nothing goes out of your pockets. This strategy allows even a small business owner to apply viral marketing technique successfully for competing with big boys in the internet world.
One of the greatest advantages of viral marketing is that it raises more targeted traffic to the site. Huge traffic to your website will result in tons of sales for you. Thus, viral marketing creates reputation in a quick span of time.
With more prospects that observe you as an expert in your position, your reputation is definitely going to rise. This way, you will easily build solid relationship with potential customers.
Viral marketing has fully mechanized the marketing strategy as it continues spreading your message like an uncontrolled marketing machine.
Viral marketing offers mind blowing growth. You can reach a large amount of traffic without spending huge dollars on publicity campaign. You can reach huge audience through viral marketing technique.
Through the technique of viral marketing, you can attract visitors every year. This is because viral marketing campaign keeps multiplying after employment.
While adopting viral marketing, you need to apply certain strategies. One of the strategies is that most of the viral marketing campaigns offer valuable products as well as services for attracting attention. Free e-mail services, free information, free software etc perform powerful functions. Not only this, viral marketing provides easy transfer to others. You must always shorten your marketing message for transmitting it easily without degradation.
With usage of viral marketing, you can scale from small to large. You need to build scalability to your viral marketing model. You must also utilize your existing communication network. You can indulge in affiliate marketing and other similar projects. This way, you will place your message into existing communications between people as you rapidly multiply its distribution process. A satisfied customer will always tell an average of three persons about the benefits of product or service and this is why viral marketing is based on natural human behavior.