Ways for increasing your Forum Activity

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There are several board owners who lack knowledge about raising forum activity on their forums. What they do is to struggle for getting in their members to post as well as become active. Moreover, the most frustrating part is that they see a lot of members who login everyday but hardly post anything. Here are some great tips for making your forum more effective:-

Firstly, you must create a contest. Competition can prove healthy for any kind of forum as long as you do it in correct manner. You need to find a good contest which can fit your forum’s niche as well as style. For example, a graphics forum can very well create graphics contest and a gaming forum can host some contests in between the games discussed. You need to find a great contest which your forum lovers can sometimes take a while. Thus, if you fail in first attempt, it isn’t necessary to give up. Before starting on, you need to ask your members what they would like, thus creating an enjoyable experience.

Secondly, you need to use your forum’s mass email feature. There exists several forum  hosts that are both free and paid that comes with mass email feature which allows you to email all or even parts of your member base. You must use this for your own advantage as most users do not log on to forum every day. Through usage of mass email feature, you can notify your members for both upcoming events as well as plans. Notification plays key role on the internet. With several forums around there, you need to make sure that your members know you are still there and are active through notifying them on a regular basis.

Thirdly, you need to post and keep on posting. It is a fact that several board owners are discouraged for posting when no one else is posting. However, you must realize that member post when only they see something that interests them. If a certain topic doesn’t interest them, they won’t be posting anything. You need to keep creating topics as well as keep your members interested in what you are offering. It is a very simple concept. The more you post, the more potential will have to other members who will post.

Fourthly, you must advertise as well as network your forum in a well described manner. You cannot expect others to find your forum if you perform a lousy job of advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to pay for advertising. There are several forums, search engines as well as directories that allow you for plugging your own forum into their database. You need to plug your forum into varied places as possible since there is a lot more potential which new members will eventually see as well as join. Never just purely advertise on one place as well as expect a great lot of activity to come solely from that source.

Thus, by following the above techniques, you can make most out of your forum activity.