Web Designing tips for online presence

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A website is not only a representation of your business but it represents you as well. This is why the design needs to be great. While designing any website, every minute detail needs to be taken into consideration. There are several guidelines that need to be observed for ensuring that your website performs well.

The first and foremost guideline is to avoid using splash pages. These are the first pages that you see when you arrive at a website. These are nothing but empty posts with no real purpose. Never let your guests to click on back button. Offer them the worth of your website without splash page.
Another thing to remember is avoiding excessive use of banner advertisements. Even the net savvy people ignore banner ads and in this way, you can be losing on your website. You must add extra valuable content as well as weave related affiliate hyperlinks in your content. You may also let your guests the feeling to purchase a substitute of being pushed to purchase.
The navigation menu must remain simple and straightforward. You must always avoid complicated Flash that is primarily based on menus and multi-teared drop-down menu. If the visitors fail to navigate, they will surely go away.
While making a website, you must have clear cut knowledge about the part of the website where the visitors spend most of their time. This will eventually help them browse related information as well as navigate to any part or positioning easily.
In case, the visitor stays long enough on the website by spending time on reading the content material, you need to make certain that there is no audio looping on your website so that the user may not irk.
The fewer the images in the website, the better it will be. This is because huge amount of images will take a lot of time which can upset several visitors time and again and may make them to hit the back button and go back to search engines. You must keep in mind that images hardly add any value to your product or service and never lead to conversions. It is only the content on your site that reports the visitor what you are offering to him. If you wish to add images, then you can do so by including one or two images as these are more than sufficient.

Nobody likes to click too often and too many times. So, you must try to keep the number of clicks as low as possible. Display your product towards right of home page. Thus, when somebody clicks on buy button, you can take him straight to shopping cart page. In case you are generating leads, you must try out to find a 2 page form or even a three page form. These will work best for you. However, if you are giving several products on display, then you must have a page wherein you can display all of them at one go