Some common mistakes while doing Email Marketing

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Email Marketing represents a great asset for business owners. Email marketing gives 300% better return on investment. Thus, it is one such marketing technique that you wish for adding to your arsenal for promotion of your business. Some of the mistakes while doing Email Marketing are:-

The first mistake is to forget adding an optin form or even a squeeze page to their website. Moreover, it is estimated that around 90% of the business owners who own a website do not poses an optin form on their websites.

The second mistake is provision of irrelevant and not useful content. You won’t bother reading emails if they don’t wish to offer you with any useful or relevant to what your interest were. The visitors will remain the same if they want to get useful information related to the topic they are interested in.

The third mistake is not placing a sign-up form on every page of your website. It will in turn remind your customers that they don’t have to register for your list so that you can send them valuable information, coupons as well as notifications of specials.

The fourth mistake is making the sign up process very difficult. If you ask for too much information then it will scare the people right away. There are several people who ask for information like address, telephone number etc. What you need is their name and email-address.

The fifth mistake is not to resolve the privacy options of your visitors. People do receive tons of spam each day as they have provided their name and email address on other websites. You must let your visitors to know that you won’t share or even sell their name and email-address and won’t use it for any purpose other than just communicating with them about your business.

The sixth mistake is not to partner with adjacent businesses or others for growing your business. It’s good idea for setting up partnerships with businesses which aren’t in competition but have similar clientele. After that, both you and your partner can promote each other to your customers.

The seventh mistake is not offering your customers for spreading the word. One of the greatest ways for raising businesses is through referrals or word-of mouth and the fact is that majority of the businesses fail in this category. You must ask your customers for sharing their experience with your business along with others as well as ask them to refer people to your website.

The eighth and the last mistake is not giving your customers coupons or something of value for free. For your subscribers for staying on your list, you must give them valuable content as well as a reason for staying in. Things like coupons, free reports or even notifications of specials are hardly few things that you could share with your list.