Failure at making money with Blogging

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There are several information products as well as books that are available online and offline which try to teach people how to make money online with the help of blogging. It relates to a very small percentage of people who are into making money with blogging.

Some reasons why people fail at making money through blogging are:-

First is no technical ability. There are several blogging experts who talk about ‘making money from multiple blogs.’ You have to manage one good blog at the best of time as it is very time-consuming and difficult to perform. As a result, the most efficient way for making money with lots of blogs is to turn them into ‘auto-blogs.’ Auto-blogs are generally little blogs which run on auto-pilot as well as post content from RSS feeds when you plug into them.  The creation, management as well as usage of auto blogs may be fiddly, time-consuming as well as difficult for a starter. Moreover, there is a lot of these kinds of blogs which aren’t of great quality while Google and other search engines clamp down on people who use such methods. In other words, it is real difficult for making money with the help of this method while I don’t recommend it. You ought to have a technical skill-set for doing it and even if you did, it isn’t the best ways for making money with your blog on such days.

Second is lack of proper planning. There are lot of people who go into blogging without any kind of proper planning. In reality, there exist bloggers who go out as well as create three or four appealing blogs. They actually put none of the efforts into them as they put in bare minimum efforts and after-that they make a few half-baked posts on their blogs thus resulting in getting none of the traffic. In this manner, the visitor very soon gets bored of the design and content existing.

Third is giving up very early. Since people fail to see a good or quick return from their efforts, it is very often that they give up very early in the blogging journey. Very often, people perform less than the minimum and get cross when they don’t see any such results.