Off-Page Techniques for helping search results

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There exist variety of off-page techniques for helping positioning your organic search results. Creation of Squidoo lens represents one of the easiest and quickest methods. For this, you have to create an account first, set up a profile and commence making lenses. It is easy for making as well as prompting you along the way with as much or little help which you need. The name allocated will be a part of URL , thus you will have to put some research into long-tail keywords and what you must name each lens.

Squidoo does allow you for easy turning on features which are income-generating and offers link value which you can earn some affiliate commission from lenses. It is recommended that you make lens as a part of your off-page Organic Search Tactics. You have to update them regularly as well as add new lenses to your profile on a regular basis.

There are several ways for improving the look and appeal of your lens, one method is to add varying forms of media. Adding images and video is a very effective method. You can turn on the You Tube video feature as well as select an array of videos for displaying on the lens. You can insert images among the text which in turn will improve the visual appearance as well as help organic search ranking.

After you have published your lens, you have to commence promoting it. You can also add it to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Stumbleupon. After that, you have to write a post about that on your blog and ping the posts to sites like Pingoat and Pingomatic.