SocialAdr for Social Bookmarking

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There exist varied opinions about social bookmarking these days and relate to their importance in the overall scheme of scheme of social bookmarking. There are some recommendations for using Social Adr for social bookmarking.

In the first place, they currently employ 19 varied social bookmarking sites. The set-up wizard makes signing up at all 19 a snap. After completion, are you ready to commence bookmarking other members’ content.

Every time, you must sign into your account, thus on your dashboard, you will eventually find your Share Queue. It is pre-loaded with other member’s content for browsing. After that, you can simply click once on share and that member’s content will be shared across 19 of your accounts.

You can share upto five times each day and every time you do this, you do earn credits. You can eventually use such credits for paying off to other members for bookmarking your content. Thus,  it happens that people across the world, from varied IP addresses bookmark your content in their account.

Majority of the time when you think about social bookmarking, you think of getting as many links as possible. Going on such a route, you will eventually gain one bookmark from each 100+ accounts, all of which remain in your name as well as accessed from your IP and what if the same content was bookmarked over and again by lots of varied people from across the world.

Through usage of SocialAdr on daily basis, the person can earn enough credits for keeping the content getting bookmarked around the clock. The links keep piling up with none of the effort from the person mentioned. The person doesn’t need to worry about which kind of social account he is using or which proxy setting he is going to work on a particular day.

However, if you wish to eliminate the 2 minute daily investment, then there is paid version too. Such kind of service works exactly the same but you aren’t required to login and share other’s content and from there, you can very easily purchase more ‘Shares’ in incremental package.

Thus using SocialAdr for social bookmarking has long been a great experience for a person. Not only it is a single solution to all your link building problems but also offers a strong foundation.