Types of Email Marketing

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Despite its low success rates, email marketing is still used on daily basis. Depending on both size and type of business, a very low success rate may eventually mean a little uplift in business. It isn’t a huge amount of work and is a much low cost solution. Moreover, it can also be tracked for ensuring that there is some return on investment.  The low success rate is purely down to spam filters, emails that are being deleted or just not getting where it should be.

There exist varied types of email marketing and you may become familiar with the newsletter shot which you have received every now and then. There exist several options that you must know for helping your product or service that offers better help as well as raise the rate of success for your email marketing campaigns.

Some of famous forms of email marketing are:-

The first is invitations. It represents a simple invite to an event for the event you are holding. For example- Diwali events that take place in the major cities of India every year. Another event may be a billiards event in your bar for encouraging several visitors to your bar or restaurant.

Second is Catalogues. An email catalogue may be a snippet of you. It may be regular printed catalogue for enticing more visitors to your store/ website. It may also involve offers of reduced prices from regular catalogue and there is several numbers of options here.

Third is postcard. It represents straight, to the point, simple, clear and short. It can be about latest offers, new products or even upcoming events that are being sent to email subscribers.

Fourth represents coupons and discounts. It may be simply a discount or even offer in the form of a website code, voucher or coupon. They are mainly used for repeat business as well as regular emails are sent out. It is best to perform continuous testing and these kind of emails to ensure effectiveness.

Fifth is newsletters. They are the most common email marketing methods. They represent simply what have you been up to, what’s new and what is coming up. It is a quick update for consumers, suppliers, media partners as well as anyone having vested interest in the company.

Sixth is Email Surveys. There are some email surveys that have extremely low success rates until and unless you are into offering some sort of incentives to users for filing this in. The simple rule of thumb is keeping these short and simple.