Programming the Sending of Emails yourself

A minimalist Email First we have to figure out how the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) Protocol works as it is the foundation for the sending of emails. The beauty of it is that all the commands and replies to… Continue Reading


Displaying Event Log Entries the ASP.NET Way

The Event Viewer should be familiar to nearly everyone (see picture). In this article I will demonstrate how the list of entries can be emulated very elegantly using ASP.NET and the .NET Framework SDK. As an exercise for the reader… Continue Reading


WHOIS queries the .NET way

Querying a dot-com domain To demonstrate the principle of how a WHOIS query works, we use the American registry Network Solutions (compare screen shot): http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois All one has to do is enter the domain name, click Search – and the… Continue Reading


Eight Key Practices for ASP.NET Deployment

his article presents some best practices that you can follow to deploy ASP.NET applications in production mode. These practices help you avoid problems both during and after deployment.1. Version Your Assemblies Make sure you have a solid versioning policy in… Continue Reading


Getting Started with the Windows Live Tools

he Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio enable developers to incorporate a set of Windows Live services into their web sites using Visual Studio and ASP.NET via a set of ASP.NET Server Controls.Microsoft released the second community technology preview… Continue Reading