Static Constructor in C#

  In this article I will be explaining Static Constructors with the help of small demo. We use constructors – to set the value of object’s data at the time when it is created. Let’s understand Static Constructor with the… Continue Reading


C# Delegates

  C# .Net Delegates and Events   The delegate topic seems to be a confusing and tough for most of the developers. In this article I will explain the basics of delegates and Event handling in C# in a simple… Continue Reading


Unsafe Code in C#

  As you know, a Pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable. If we want to use a pointer in C# then we use the  “unsafe” keyword for that purpose. Unsafe code is code which does… Continue Reading


Attributes in C#

Use Case: We will be creating a custom Attribute class that will take “IList” based collections and convert them into a “DataTable”. Further we will take the converted DataTable and bind it to a DataGridView with the help of a… Continue Reading