How to Optimize for Baidu

Usually SEO efforts are directed towards achieving top rankings with Google and sometimes with Yahoo and Bing. However, in addition to the Big Three, there are also other search engines that might be of interest to you. In fact, some… Continue Reading


A Short History of Search Engine Optimisation

In the early days of the Internet, search engine optimisation was a fairly simple affair. Webmasters (SEO professionals to you and I today) had a fairly straightforward job optimising web sites. To rank for a keyword in a search engine,… Continue Reading

What Google’s “Panda” Ranking Algorithm Update Means to You

Written by: Mike Moran Jan 26 ~ Category: Uncategorized | Comments Off Last week, I was lucky to join Joe Apfelbaum of Ajax Union and Ben Kirshner of Elite SEM on a panel (ably moderated by Jules Kibbe of  TicketNetworkDirect) for the… Continue Reading


Styling form elements

In this article I’ll explain how to format form elements by using CSS. Finally, I’ll provide a series of screenshots taken from the various browsers. Table of contents The markup General styles Adding some padding to the form Fieldset and… Continue Reading


Getting Started with the Windows Live Tools

he Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio enable developers to incorporate a set of Windows Live services into their web sites using Visual Studio and ASP.NET via a set of ASP.NET Server Controls.Microsoft released the second community technology preview… Continue Reading