DLL with configuration file

Using configuration files in DLL is not trivial. To accomplish this, we must follow these steps: Add a reference to System.Configuration Add a new Application Configuration File and the name it [Your project].dll.config Change the BuildAction property of the config… Continue Reading


Pivoting DataTable Simplified

Introduction Displaying data in tabular form is an essential part of any application nowadays. But sometimes you need to display a huge amount of data in terms of number of rows. It becomes very difficult to analyse if the number… Continue Reading


Tips/Tricks – Hide popup on background click

Whenever we use Ajax ModalPopupExtender to show popup window, we always get into the situation where we need to hide the popup based on background click. CancelControlID property helps to close popup by clicking on control specified in it. But… Continue Reading


Silverlight 4: How to work with Notification API?

Silverlight Notification API is a new feature introduced in Silverlight 4 Beta 1. If you are developing your application using Silverlight & want to show some notification message like Outlook to the user, then you can use this. Remember that,… Continue Reading