A programmatic close look at constant and read-only variables in C#

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Comparing Visual Basic 6.0 to C#

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Using JSDoc tags for organizing CSS

In this article I’ll explain how to create JSDoc-like tags for keeping our CSS organized. A basic knowledge of JSDoc is not required. Table of contents JSDoc overview Organizing CSS JSDoc overview In Java there is a tool called javadoc.… Continue Reading


Working with Events in Silverlight

It’s no secret that today’s applications require a high-level of interactivity between user actions and application code. It’s critical for developers to know what actions a user performs so that they can call the appropriate code to show and hide… Continue Reading


Getting Started with the Windows Live Tools

he Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio enable developers to incorporate a set of Windows Live services into their web sites using Visual Studio and ASP.NET via a set of ASP.NET Server Controls.Microsoft released the second community technology preview… Continue Reading