The Google Jagger Update

What has the Google Jagger update delivered to us as internet users and how has it impacted search engine optimization companies? Jagger Update For Internet Users The Google Jagger update was done to try and refine some of the results… Continue Reading


Writing Effective ALT Text For Images

Writing Effective ALT Text For Images Anyone who knows anything about web accessibility knows that images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them. This is because screen readers can’t understand images, but rather read aloud the alternative text assigned… Continue Reading


Your SEO-Friendly Website Checklist

One of the most difficult things for many who are new to the SEO field to wrap their heads around is the wide variety of skills and knowledge necessary to be truly effective. For those not coming from a programming… Continue Reading

CSS3 Bling in the Real World

 All you disco-dancing designers out there (no more anticipation of alliteration) have been loving the new features CSS3 provides for making websites look cool in an easier, less hackish, and more straightforward fashion. Features like CSS3 gradients, drop shadows, rounded… Continue Reading


Web standards and CSS

In this article I’ll introduce Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) through a brief historical overview on its origin and some remarks about standards and their usage. I’ll explain what is CSS, why it’s been created, why we should know CSS and,… Continue Reading