The Top 3 Website Analytic Utilities

Web analytics uses visitor data captured for the purpose of analyzing behavior and helping to determine what aspects of a website are working and which are not.  As a set of tools for helping site owners to tweak their sites… Continue Reading


How To: View SEO Reports in Google Analytics

Google has announced that as of yesterday, everyone is now able to access Search Engine Optimization reports in Google Analytics via query data from linked Google Webmaster Tools accounts.  In June, Google had a limited release of this feature, but… Continue Reading


Basics of Debugging Google Analytics Code

Is that Virtual Pageview really being sent to Google Analytics when someone submits my registration form? Does the Event Tracking Call for outbound links get to GA in time before the visitor has left my website? Why do I not… Continue Reading


Average Search Rankings Redefined By Google

The definitions of average position in the search query report in Google Webmaster Tools and search optimization report in Google Analytics is being changed by Google. The change was revealed in the Google Webmaster Blog and Google Analytics Blog. What’s… Continue Reading