What Does Your Website Content Say About You?

As much time as business website owners put into finding a good web designer, it’s amazing how little time gets spent in actually creating the website content – also known as the sales copy. This is the content that will… Continue Reading


Listing with Yahoo

It’s an age old tradition in webmastering and search engine optimization to code your pages especially with Yahoo in mind. They were one of the largest search engine teams that took pride in personally inspecting each submission. But are those… Continue Reading


The Reality of Keywords

If you are writing articles in order to generate traffic to your website, than you are also familiar with keywords. So, this is how this part of it works. You have your website up and it has a theme. You… Continue Reading


Flash is bad for SEO

Many people enjoy using flash on webpages. They feel that moving images and movie-like quality make a website seem more flashy, more professional, and cooler. The problem is that when you use flash Google has no idea what that super-cool… Continue Reading


Things To Avoid Website Tips SEO Tools

Remove all other META tags (author, date, etc.), except “description” and “keywords” unless you’re sure they are absolutely necessary.   Avoid using the same Title Tag throughout your site. Try using a unique Title Tag for each web page and… Continue Reading