Flash is bad for SEO

Many people enjoy using flash on webpages. They feel that moving images and movie-like quality make a website seem more flashy, more professional, and cooler. The problem is that when you use flash Google has no idea what that super-cool… Continue Reading

Major search engine rank guidline and tips

Yahoo Search Ranking Tips Think carefully of the key terms that your users will search on to find content like yours. Use those terms to guide the text and construction of your page. Users are more likely to click a… Continue Reading


Working with Textpattern

In this article I’ll explain how to use the Textpattern’s interface for creating a CSS-driven layout. This article requires a basic knowledge of Textpattern. Table of contents Creating a new section Editing a page template Inserting fictional content Editing styles… Continue Reading


Working with Events in Silverlight

It’s no secret that today’s applications require a high-level of interactivity between user actions and application code. It’s critical for developers to know what actions a user performs so that they can call the appropriate code to show and hide… Continue Reading