Working with Textpattern

In this article I’ll explain how to use the Textpattern’s interface for creating a CSS-driven layout. This article requires a basic knowledge of Textpattern. Table of contents Creating a new section Editing a page template Inserting fictional content Editing styles… Continue Reading


Rediscovering attribute selectors

In this article I’ll explain how to use CSS 2.1 attribute selectors to stylize a web document. The core syntax of attribute selectors is explained below. Table of contents Syntax of attribute selectors The markup Global styles The header Main… Continue Reading


Styling code blocks

In this article I’ll explain how to use CSS for styling code blocks. Code blocks are generally formatted by using the pre element. Roger Johansson has proposed another way to accomplish this task and I’ll follow his example with further… Continue Reading


Divitis: What it is and how to avoid it (Updated!)

When developing your website in HTML, you might be tempted to use the <div> tag to sovle problems. Things not lining up in every browser? Maybe another containing <div> would help. Don’t know how to select that particular element? Wrap… Continue Reading