Multiple Inheritance in C#

This article shows how multiple inheritance can be effected by the use of interface. Download  Download source code for Multiple Inheritance in C#     Introduction In C# Multiple Inheritance can be effected using Interface. We can implement multiple interfaces.… Continue Reading


Implicitly Typed Local Variables

This will give clear idea about this new feature introduced by Microsoft in C#3.5 language enhancements. Local variables can be declared using var keyword instead of an any type. The var keyword lets the compiler know that the type of… Continue Reading


How to use the Null-Coalescing Operator (??)

A very handy operator that is always needed Its always been common for all the developers while writing code to check for null condition when ever we use any object or value before we assign them.  We always want to simplify… Continue Reading


LINQ to Object

In this article we will see how we LINQ can be used with class objects. Introduction LINQ –  Language Integrated Query a flexible query like language introduced in C# to query any data set, whether database, XML, or just plain… Continue Reading


Named and Optional Parameters in C#

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