Yahoo On Lookout For TV Widget Developers

Developers with an interest in “smart” TVs might want to give a second thought to Yahoo’s involvement in the field.  Today, Yahoo put out a call for developers to build widgets for the Yahoo Connected TV Store. Juan Carlos Perez… Continue Reading


Gearing Up For Auto SEO

No, I don’t mean that search engine optimization will happen automatically. I am asking if you have considered what the world will be like in the not-too-distant future, when a big chunk of searches will be executed from your customers’… Continue Reading


How To Gain Better SEO Rankings And More Targeted Traffic

You probably are like me and tend to watch the amount of visitors and web traffic to your website every day. If you have every noticed a sudden loss of website traffic or if the traffic has gone down considerably… Continue Reading


How To Control Indexing And Crawling On Your Site

Google is now providing site owners and all who wants to know, information on controlling crawling and indexing of sites. Through this comprehensive resource you can learn everything you wanted to know about robots.txt files, robots meta tags, and X-Robots-Tag… Continue Reading


Winner Of Google AI Contest Declared

Believe it or not, the 2010 Google AI Challenge is over, and the winners have been declared.  Congrats go first and foremost to developer Gabor Melis, the overall winner and a machine learning, NLP, data mining, and Lisp expert. A… Continue Reading