A programmatic close look at constant and read-only variables in C#

Many time we get question in interview that what is the difference between constant and readonly.I have listed out most of the difference and to make it more clear I have also given sample code/steps to test every point in… Continue Reading


Creation of windows service to start and stop a particular service in your computer system.

A windows service is nothing but a program. It can also be called as a background program. Microsoft provides “System.ServiceProcess” assembly for the creation of windows services. Introduction A windows service is nothing but a program. It can also be… Continue Reading


Comparing Visual Basic 6.0 to C#

In this article, we shall discuss the differences between VB6 and C#. This topic is based on a seminar, discussing the development of the C# language.  What can C# do that Visual Basic 6 can’t? C# can do quite a… Continue Reading


Abstract Class

The class which can not be instantiated is known as an Abstract Class. This particular article contains the details of an Abstract Class. Download  Download source code for Abstract Class   Introduction The class which cannot be instantiated is known… Continue Reading