Winner Of Google AI Contest Declared

Believe it or not, the 2010 Google AI Challenge is over, and the winners have been declared.  Congrats go first and foremost to developer Gabor Melis, the overall winner and a machine learning, NLP, data mining, and Lisp expert. A… Continue Reading


Submitting And Creating Your Sitemap

Google Video Sitemaps tutorial from Mark Robertson of ReelSEO in video form featuring Google video Product Manager Nelson Lee and Google Partner Rep Amy MacIsaac discussing details of best practices and point out the importance of required elements including video:loc… Continue Reading


Google Unveils Android 3.0 Platform Preview

Developers who intend to make apps for tablets other than the iPad can start making more precise plans about their futures immediately.  Google announced yesterday that it’s making a preview of the Android 3.0 SDK available. Xavier Ducrohet wrote on… Continue Reading


Mobile App Users Click Ads By Mistake

Nearly half (47%) of mobile app users say they click on mobile ads more often by mistake then they do on purpose, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive conducted on behalf of Pontiflex. According to the Pontiflex survey,… Continue Reading

Building SEO By Killing Your Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is like a virus. When a virus enters your system, it begins to replicate itself until it is ready to be released and cause all kinds of nasty havoc within your body. On the web, a little duplicate… Continue Reading