Does a keyword’s “SEO Opportunity” relate to pricing? Can you just get my site ranked in Google?

Today, someone posted this question (slightly paraphrased): I am seriously thinking about signing up for SEO with your company. My web designer recommended you. However, I have some questions… Firstly, for my first keyword I entered, the SEO Opportunity states… Continue Reading


How to Choose Great Keywords

Lately we’ve noticed that clients have been targeting keywords that are too broad and or generalized and we’d like discuss the idea behind the long tail keyword. Long tail keywords are those that use 3 and 4 word phrases that… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Extending Your Domain Age

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Top Ten Website Conversion Tips

You have a great web site and are generating great traffic, but this is all for nothing unless you turn visitors into paying customers.  Your web traffic needs to be converted – cajoled, persuaded, sold, convinced – to click on your order… Continue Reading


Six Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

As many as 75% of online shoppers fail to complete the purchase and abandon the shopping cart.  Imagine three-quarters of shoppers in Wal-Mart pushing their trolleys around the store and leaving them at the checkout – Wal-Mart would be upset… Continue Reading