Do Not Of SEO

•Do not use hidden text in the background. •Do not increse keyword frequency in the title tag. •Do not use keyword stuffing. •Do not use misleading Content on the webpages. •Do not redirect the website from different domains. •Do not… Continue Reading


Why Need SEO Consultancy ?

Due to thousands website on internet the necessity of SEO consultancy becomes very high.Today a website without SEO is something that is not known by others.The value of websites increase only when more number of visitors visits on their sites.India… Continue Reading


Advantages of Forum Posting

Forum posting is the best way to create back links.If you are searching something on the search engines you will probably find some forum result within top 10 results.There are 3 ways you can build links from forums. 1. Create… Continue Reading


Seo Process

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is process of making the use of various techniques to improve website ranking in major search engine and thus attract traffic and amount of visitors towards website Why we need SEO? SEO is the… Continue Reading

Affordable Seo Services from Mind Bird Solutions

When we are talking about affordable SEO, there will be no where other than India where the SEO service can be provided at lowest rate. It will also be a wrong thought that services with low rate may be of… Continue Reading