Maximize Traffic With Ten SEO Power Tips

How do you know what type of content is really going to attract the right searchers? In this article I wanted to cover a few very basic tips that you can keep in mind when building high-performance strategies. Remember that… Continue Reading


Marketing-Rich Domain Names

Your domain name is one of the most important aspects — if not the most important aspect — of your web site and your branding efforts. “Your domain name goes on your letterhead, business card, printed materials; it must be… Continue Reading


The Death of SEO?

Currently in beta, Subscription Search will give people the ability to search subscription sites such as the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, the New England Journal of Medicine and TheStreet.com directly through Yahoo. It’s like a website search page is… Continue Reading


The importance of internal navigation for good SEO

So you’ve got your page titles, image title tags, and keywords all picked out. Your copy is amazing and you have everything in order. What does your navigation structure look like? Do you have pages labeled “About” “Home” and “Services”?… Continue Reading


Long tail keywords and SEO

When you did the keyword research for your website, you probably found a lot of simple words you’re now incorporating into your website. These general terms are things that many people search for, and are not necessarily going to help… Continue Reading