Building SEO By Killing Your Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is like a virus. When a virus enters your system, it begins to replicate itself until it is ready to be released and cause all kinds of nasty havoc within your body. On the web, a little duplicate… Continue Reading


Yahoo Offers More Details On BOSS Search API

luding pricing updates. The company says developers will pay $0.80 per 1,000 searches for unlimited service. Yahoo offered more details in its search blog. “ A more limited web results service with a lower price point will also be available… Continue Reading


How To Easily Hide Client-side Content from Google Web/Mobile Preview Bot

I’m really liking the new Preview option on Google Mobile Search, and I reckon it will be used far more than preview in regular web search. But there’s a small problem. Well actually a couple of problems, but here’s the… Continue Reading


Keeping SEO In Mind When Planning A Site Redesign

One of the most important things a business owner can do when redesigning their website is to keep their SEO team involved during the redesigning process. The SEO knows the history of the site, knows the site architecture, and the… Continue Reading


15 Questions That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO Forever (Q’s 11-15)

As much as the title is vastly overstated, these questions will at the very least help you ponder SEO in a way you hadn’t pondered before. At least that’s my theory. Question 11. How much time should I spend getting… Continue Reading