SEO And Content Strategy Intersect In More Ways Than One

Recently I spoke with Content Strategist, Margot Bloomstein, who was conducting research for an upcoming publication about Content Strategy intended for a variety of audiences. In particular, we discussed productive interactions and exchanges between Search Engine Optimization professionals and Content… Continue Reading


Can A Great User Experience Co-exist With SEO?

While many savvy online marketers don’t see content as a shortsighted substitute for social strategy or simply as a SEO tactic, but a proxy to creating customer experiences, there are even more who do.  Content is a vehicle for discovery,… Continue Reading


Use Searcher Personas to Connect SEO to Conversion

This session of SMX New York 2011 Day 1 is on the topic “Use Searcher Personas to Connect SEO to Conversions”. In this session, expert panelists shows you a clear process that takes business goals and search data and turns… Continue Reading


2011 Local SEO Industry Survey Brings Out Interesting Facts

Every SEO seems to have different views about the nature of our industry, ranging from “exciting” to “dynamic” to “ever changing”. Despite these conflicting views on the over all nature, it is an undeniable fact that the local online advertising… Continue Reading


SES: Protecting Your Brand Online

Protecting Your Brand Online Solo presentation by: Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur The second day of the SES SF 2011, saw a solo presentation by Andy Beal @andybeal, CEO of Trackur.com and Editor-in-chief of Marketing Pilgrim. The focus was on how… Continue Reading