Speak To The Dog, About What Matters To The Dog, In The Language Of The Dog

This article is a transcript of my answers to questions posed by Chris Lake of e-consultancy.com from December 2005. Hopefully you will find the grilling I got useful! What are the most important factors that influence conversion rates? A joint… Continue Reading


8 Ways to Build a Really Bad Web Site for Search Engines

Some web sites receive hundreds or thousands of unique visitors a day, whilst others only get a handful or none. The reason is often because the web designers or Webmaster has built the site in one �really bad way’ or… Continue Reading


Writing Effective ALT Text For Images

Writing Effective ALT Text For Images Anyone who knows anything about web accessibility knows that images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them. This is because screen readers can’t understand images, but rather read aloud the alternative text assigned… Continue Reading


Future Of Social Media Sites

The current proliferation of social media sites is the most pervasive phenomenon on the Internet today. Not since the dot.com explosion has the there been an Internet trend that is so widespread in its popularity. The comparison with the dot.com… Continue Reading


Get Free Publicity For Your Website

If you want to promote your product or service, then consider using public relations. The best part of PR(Public Relations) is that it costs nothing. In fact, public relations is one of the best kept secrets of small business owners… Continue Reading