Web standards and CSS

In this article I’ll introduce Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) through a brief historical overview on its origin and some remarks about standards and their usage. I’ll explain what is CSS, why it’s been created, why we should know CSS and,… Continue Reading



In this article I’ll explain how to format a well-formed XML document by using CSS. The techniques explained below can be used to stylize an (X)HTML document as well. Table of contents Adding a style sheet to an XML document… Continue Reading


How to build an Acid Test

In this article I’ll explain how to build an Acid Test on a CSS feature. The test will focus on the box model. We start from the following picture: Figure 1. A smiling face The result we want to achieve… Continue Reading


Expose WCF 4.0 Service as SOAP and REST

WCF services in enterprises are used for developing distributed enterprise application. There are lots of advantages of using WCF services. WCF service can be exposed on multiple endpoints e.g. HTTP, TCP etc. and the client applications have a choice to… Continue Reading